Peru’s most impressive natural landscapes

Peru conceals some impressive natural landscapes, its millions of tourists being struck by the imposing views, the biodiversity and history of the wonders that our country has.

Its parks, reserves, snow-capped mountains, rivers, forests and flora and fauna viewing areas make Peru a privileged place. Thanks to the work done by local authorities and settlers to ensure their proper care and preservation, these spectacular natural landscapes have been protected over time, becoming points of interest for all national or foreign tourists.

Huascarán National Park

Located in the department of Áncash, in the central highlands of Peru, Huascarán National Park has an impressive mountainous landscape. With snow-capped peaks whose altitudes range from 16,404 to 22,204 feet above sea level, deep ravines and a large number of lagoons. It is one of the most iconic World Heritage Sites.

In this protected area you can appreciate the beauty of the flora, with 779 High Andean species; and wildlife, 112 bird species and 13 mammal species.

Manu National Park

Located in the provinces of Paucartambo in Cusco and Manu in Madre de Dios, the Manu National Park is rich in diverse species of exotic fauna and beautiful landscapes surrounded by numerous types of flora. It has the greatest biodiversity in the world.

With respect to local fauna, the Manu National Park was identified as being home to 222 species of mammals and 1,005 types of bird. There is also evidence of 4,385 identified species of flora, with the aguajales forests being among the most outstanding ecosystems.

The Amazon River

The lungs of the earth. The Amazon River is the largest and longest river in the world. Its source lies in the province of Caylloma, in the department of Arequipa. Its watershed is the largest in the world and gives life to the Amazonia, the largest tropical rainforest on the planet.

Its waters pour 45 million gallons per second into the sea and house more than 2,000 species of fish. It is important to point out that mammals such as manatees and pink dolphins inhabit this area of beautiful jungle landscapes.

Paracas National Reserve

Located in the department of Ica, the Paracas National Reserve preserves the most important samples of marine and coastal ecosystems. You can see species of fauna such as sea lions, Humboldt penguins, dolphins and flamingos, among others, in this area of Peru. The main tourist attractions in this reserve include its beaches, particularly Lagunillas, La Mina and Mendieta. Other beautiful landscapes are the islands of Piedra Redonda and Tres Marías.

Los Manglares de Tumbes National Sanctuary

The Manglares de Tumbes (Tumbes Mangroves) are the refuge for a large number of fauna species such as birds, fish and crustaceans. Located in the province of Zarumilla, in the department of Tumbes, it is one of the most beautiful scenic destinations in northern Peru. You can find the Mangrove here, a twisted tree that grows between the sea and the rivers in tropical areas.

Lake Titicaca

Titicaca is the highest and most navigable lake in the world. Located in the department of Puno and shared with Bolivia, it has a wonderful natural landscape where you can see blue waters, its characteristic flora and fauna and islands such as Taquile, Amantani and Uros. These islands have kept their pre-Columbian traditions until today. It should be noted that according to the legend of the Inca Empire, Manco Cápac and Mama Ocllo (Inca founders) were born at Lake Titicaca.

Lachay National Reserve

The wonderful Lachay National Reserve is located in Huacho, in the province of Huaura (northern Lima). The well-known Lomas de Lachay are located here, ecosystems with a rich flora and fauna. Activities such as trekking or hiking are possible in this protected area. The hills of Lachay are characteristic ecosystems of the seasonal coastline, their main source of humidity being the dense fog that appears, and which comes from the ocean. Although its climate in summer is dry, in winter you can appreciate the fog at its height. The Lachay National Reserve is ideal to escape from the Lima metropolitan area and discover the fog that covers its wonderful vegetation in winter time.


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